- Term Of Services -

By Mlice - 23th December 2022

Pardon my english !
- Version française -

These TOS also concerns rewards and commissions ordered through Patreon.
It's important you learn about these TOS before commmissioning me an artpiece, digital or traditional. You will indeed find here all the information about its completion and your rights on it.

Art is my main and only job. I am officially declared to the French income taxes.
You can contact me through the contact form or Telegram.

When you order me an artpiece, you agree with the following terms :

I / ordering

Firstly, notice that I'm not constantly available for commission. I precise if order are open or closed on the "Commissions" tab that you can consult on this website.
Then you can write me through Telegram or send me a commission form.

Make sure to be the clearest possible.
You can send me pictures/drawings/photos references to precise your idea of simply describe it by text.
Most of the time I'll answer you in a day to accept or decline your request. I will evaluate the pricing and delay regarding the amount of work. I can send you a quotation and invoice if needed.

If pricing and time of completion suit you, we will process to the next step : the payment.

II / Pricing & payment

Pricing may vary regarding the medium and your project complexity.

Pricelists are available on the "Commissions" tab. However, be aware that I don't often produce some and that the ones here can be outdated. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a quotation or ask me about my current prices.

Regarding the payment. PayPal is preferred. We still can proceed by bank transfer if your project allows it (depending on its price and your location).

You have to fully pay your order before its starting. Depending on your position in the to do list, I will myself contact you when it's time to pay.

  • Always in EUROS. (EUR - €)

I systematically produce invoice but not necessarily sending it to private customers. Don't hesitate to claim it if needed.

III / Process

After payment reception, I'll start to work.
In the case of Patreon's rewards, I don't send WiP (Work in Progress) except a quick sketch for watercoloured portraits. 

First of all, I draw one or several "roughs" of the scene or character you ordered. A rough is a really quick and synthetic sketch of the picture, it depicts the project's composition and its global ambiance. You'd be able to validate or choose which direction suit you the better, tell me if there are things to adjust or even if we change everything ! It's, by the way, the only step from which we can go back to zero.
When the rough is validated, I'll do the sketch. I draw all my sketch digitaly, even in the case of traditional commissions. When I'm done, I send it to you. Be really careful about all the details. It's the last step where I'm able to do some modifications.

According to the medium, this step is a linchpin. From here, particularly with tradtional media, you won't be able to step forward.

Next, I'll ink the sketch. I use the word "inking" to refere to the outlines but the method may vary : Pen, pencils, painting, digital... I will send you overview of this inking to inform you about my progession. I'm still able to adjust some little details on a digital line if you target a last minute mistake, but as you can deduce, on a tradtional one, I can't.

Then, colouring, here the process and overview will depend on the medium :

  • Digital art, I'll send you WiP regularly ; especially for the flat colours, and another one with shadowing. Moreover, the first overview allow to fix colours' mistakes I could have done. When everything is fine, I will propably continue to let you know frequently about the progression of my work untill it's finished. I'm used to send a lot of updates !
    Traditional art, I will regularly send you photos of the process. The more possible in order to adjust the best way I can regarding your feedbacks. Keep in mind that traditional colours are limited by pigments I'm using : it won't never be the same that you see on your computer's screen.

Finally, I send you the finished artpiece, signed and everything. No step forward, no refund possible.

IV / Delay

Delay may vary a lot. Overall they fluctuate between four to twelve weeks. These delays completion depend on events I'm taking part in and also on how long and big are the projects before yours.

In the instance of this 3 months not being enough to finish your picture, I will let you know about my schedule to be sure that we can adjust it together.

Rarest scenarii can impact the completion of your commission : Personal issue, as for exemple, physical injuries. In the same way as before, you will systematically be informed about these potential restrictions.

When the delay doesn't fit or no more fits you, it's totally possible to cancel your commission. If you already paid, there is a refund scale in order to compensate you in function of my work's progression.

V / Refunds

Refunds are possible, their amount vary regarding the commission's completion.

  • ▷ If I haven't started yet : 100%
    ▷ After the rough : 80 %
    ▷ After the sketch : 60%
    ▷ After inking/lining : 40%
    ▷ No refund possible later.

Quickly contact me if you need a refund.

VI / What you're buying !

Most of the time, when you're buying a traditional artpiece, you'll receive a digitized version and a physic version : the original art. You also can only buy the digitized file. Price will be lower, but you're therefore never been in possession of the original art, that so would be mine.
However, be carefull, it happens that I don't propose digitized version of traditional commissions. It's for exemple the case of the watercoloured sketches from Patreon.
Hence, when you're buying the orinal art, you will have to dispose of the shipping fees. Then it will be up to you to chose the shipping conditions. (Tracked, countersigned...)

Digital artpiece and digitized arts will be sent to you by email or Telegram in HD.
I don't sell digital version of my art with the access of all the layers, thanks for your understanding !

VII / Your rights, my rights

Be sure to respect the following restrictions :

You're not allowed to ;

  • ▷ Sell the digital file of the artpiece.
    ▷ Sell reproduction of the artpiece, it includes prints and goodies. It also concerns online customing website.
    ▷ Order customised item with the artpiece charged by another artist, crafter, builder or business.
    ▷ Spread the artpiece without credits.
    ▷ Modify the artpiece. (Contact me if corrections are needed.)

You're allowed to ;

  • ▷ Diffuse freely the artpiece around you : but please make sure to always credit me !
    ▷ Print the artpiece for your personal use only.

My rights ;

  • ▷  I'm allowed to use the artpiece for my communication, diffuse it on all my different blogs, websites, portfolios, social medias, artbooks...
    ▷ I'm allowed to use the artpiece to produce prints and goodies to make profit.
    ▷ I'm allowed to sell the original of the artpiece if you didn't buy it.

These rights are relative to my artist status, they are the same for all the artists declaring their taxes in Europe.

Thanks a lot for your attention and understanding ! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question !
Talk to you soon !